Why buy Astro Turf online and what are its features

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Why buy Astro Turf online and what are its features?

The Astro Turf is one of the reputed brands of the playing surface artificial turf. This original product was the short pile of the synthetic turf. Since early 2000s, this has been marketing the taller systems which make use of infill materials for better replicating the natural grass. The major reason is incorporating it on gaming fields and to avoid cost of maintaining and laying natural turf and also for maximising hours of its usage. At present, the Astro Turf is member of sports group and family of the sports surfacing company. it is also called as one of the iconic brand in the sports.

Impeccable philosophy

As everyone recognises the name of Astro Turf, not everyone is aware of its history. Their research and development engineers Astro Turfvet rigorously every athletic turf system before it can go to the market with the player protection as premium priority. The priority is doing so in value engineered, the approach which is cost effective and the one which considers well the player the performance. They also encourage the clients around for adding pad. The pads deliver well the shock attenuation completely predictable and consistent. But for doing it intelligently, the engineers have also collaborated with the other suppliers of industry for developing full system and that can take into account the understanding of its system components.

Sliding pad under the 1997 style rubbers and the sand filled tall system are not ideal. They are wasteful. As the Astro Turf invented it first 50 years ago, it is laser focused on the innovating system which comes closer to ideal performance of the natural grass. This also offers wide portfolio of the turf system on globe. Driven well, this also lineup and meets well the client needs along with the system that can deliver the sport specific playability, latest player protection and the long term durability. It has also worked on the philosophy of more fiber and less fill. Such an approach influences well their system design.

System techniques

The Astro Turf encourages well their clients for investing in crucial element in system called as fiber. After all, none of the client has ever had to replace artificial turf as the commodity sand & rubber infill wore out only when fiber wears out and does field need the replacement. For years, this industry has also peddled same tired system as light weight carpet, cheap system propped up tons of commodity rubber and sand infill. But no longer the client’s choices are limited, this company offers the construction which is dense and ideal for emerging trends in the pad technologies and infill.

All lab research and the manufacturing precision in world is really worthless without proper installation of field. This is the reason, they have partner with the regional firms of installation. Such distributors are termed as experts in field. They bring the industry experience, bonding, impeccable reputation, licensing, the equipment investment, coverage and more for ensuring clients get all brand promises. The partners are also exclusive to it and get the annual training for best of the practices. All are certified for installing the athletic turf field that requires the special techniques due to differentiated system design. The proper installation techniques are developed by them which includes as,

  • Astro fusion: It is a unique and differentiated seaming method which uses the self-propelled cart that delivers well the pre-metered, double action and high quality of the adhesive. It is critical in eliminating the onsite variables & improves the consistency of installation
  • Pre-fabrication: This is only available from the Astro Turf; this is one technique which enables all for delivering the field with around 90 per cent of inlaid football marks. They use dedicated and climate control facility with full time specialist of installation. They make use of floor mounted jig systems that allows all for cutting the markings in the upside down, so that the markings are crisp and clean.

At the end, you must know that they are the actual product which is also used as general term for the artificial grass and brand name for product that got developed in the year 1960 in USA.


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