Artificial Grass Bournemouth – Picture Perfect

Artificial Grass Bournemouth – Picture-Perfect lawn with fake grass

Get yourself a heavenly green garden with a range of artificial grass designed and manufactured by various companies today. Free samples can be ordered online with the help of a company representative selling artificial grass. Company websites selling artificial grass have a comprehensive guide with different types of artificial grass, that one can choose from. Based on factors like – density, durability, feel, drainage and pile height, you can make the choice and request for free artificial grass samples online. The best part of investing in artificial grass is that, you can save your time and money by spending ample time at your home surroundings rather than going out to parks or other green pastures.

Putting the customers first is the main priority of the artificial grass sellers, hence they offer free artificial grass samples to help customers make their final decision. No matter what selections you do, the offering of samples will give an experience of the quality of artificial grass products available. One can either select sample packs of artificial grass samples or select individual grass samples to decide upon. You can request a free sample pack and see their high quality artificial grass products before you can buy.

Below are few of the samples listed by a company called artificial grass bournemouth

You have two types of grass classification- Classic grass and Prograss

Like for example Classic grass types are – Greescape, Majestic, Woodland Chase, Spring grass and greenscene

Prograss types are – New Regent, Prestige, Grandeur, New Play and Superior

Below are the types of grass suitable for lawns

Centipedegrass – This type of grass is best suited for climates in southeastern parts of U.S. Centipedegrass is a low maintenance type of grass due to its tolerance in higher temperatures and need for minimal water. Centipedegrass looks flatter with compressed sheaths and the leaves are rolled into the bud.

Artificial turf– Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibres and look like natural grass. Artificial turf is strong and requires no mowing and trimming and needs no irrigation. However this type of grass has a limited life and requires regular cleaning.

Kentucky Bluegrass – This type of grass works well in almost all parts in the U.S due to its cold climatic conditions. Kentucky bluegrass is an ideal choice for many lawns. It is tolerant in colder temperatures and is less likely to be found in warm climates near the Gulf coast areas. The blades of this grass is dark green colour having a boat shaped tip.

Many other varieties of turf grass you can find in market are – Tall Fescue, Creeping Bentgrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Fine fescue and Bahiagrass.

If you aspire to have a picture-perfect lawn, then artificial grass is the answer. It saves you from performing various tasks like weeding, watering, mowing and fertilizing woes to give you a beautiful lawn.

Synthetic grass for recreating and landscaping is growing 10% to 15% every year in the U.S. Most of the homeowners use artificial grass for lawns, play areas, dog runs, pool surrounds, putting greens, decorative borders midst of patio pavements and rooftops.




Artificial Grass at Home for Pets

Artificial Grass at Home for Pets

Do you live in a highly populated city and you are super busy with your work all day and do not have time to walk your dog or even go yourself at the park to chill? Well, there’s a solution to make your home feel like you are outside and your legs are between the lush green grass while you are roaming in your house for a while. Another scenario can be if you are too lazy to go out in the scorching sun some days but still want a peek of the outside feel in your closed space at home. Solution to all of these is: Artificial grass.

What is artificial grass?

It is exactly what it sounds like. Artificial grass is grass which is made up of synthetic. It is textured in a way that when you step artificial grasson it, it feels like real grass. This artificial grass is movable and is available in sizes as per your requirement. This grass can be installed all over the house. Balconies are the best place to install them. You can even get the artificial grass for pets at home.

Why artificial grass for pets?

Artificial grass is beneficial and soothing for the humans but how is it helpful for our pets at home? Your pets won’t dig up holes in your real garden, if you have any, if you let them be in the artificial grass. Your pets won’t feel it isn’t the real grass at first but eventually they will feel the urge to eat the grass or ruin it and probably find out that it was a façade all this time.

Artificial grass for pets is ideal for dog environments. All dog owners must be irritated by the muddy paws of their dogs all over their house every time it comes back inside from the lawn. Garden keepers are benefitted by this artificial grass as now they will be free from shifting gravels and keeping it even. Also, now by the artificial grass, they won’t have to cold the concrete.

Artificial grass is drainable and durable. It can be cleaned with just water and it dries off quickly. Artificial grass is made in laboratories and is usually non-toxic when making it for kids and pets. Artificial grass for pets is a three layered grass. The top layer is the synthetic grass that you can see and feel. Below that is a layer of mesh backing which hold this grass layer on the top of it. Beneath this layer is the nailer board which is basically plastic. The material called rebar holds this board in its place. Lastly, it has a sub base that percolates any liquid that falls on this artificial grass.

Choose the best artificial grass

The best artificial grass for pets is one which is durable, has blades which are not that sharp. You should choose one which can be easily cleaned. This kind of grass is hassle free and you would not have to do a lot of work to maintain it.

Find the artificial grass which drains off water quickly if your pet does its thing on it and you have to wash it that instant. If you are buying it for your kids too, choose one that has blunt blades on which your children can play in safely.

Choose artificial grass which is non-toxic and lead-free. This is because dogs tend to chew up the grass. Either buy a grass which is strong and won’t come out no matter how much the dog tries or get a grass that is made up of antimicrobial technology which is safer for your dogs.

For a small dog, artificial grass is highly recommended and beneficial as it will love how small the grass is, even below its short legs. The real long grass itches and irritates him in a way as they are longer for his tiny legs. Even for shorter and small other pets, they will love the artificial grass and will be enthusiastic playing in it.

Artificial grass ensures hygiene, cleanliness and safety. You and your pet, both are going to love this kind of grass. So go and try this artificial grass for pets and you yourself will love your environment with this grass.


Why buy Astro Turf online and what are its features

Why buy Astro Turf online and what are its features?

The Astro Turf is one of the reputed brands of the playing surface artificial turf. This original product was the short pile of the synthetic turf. Since early 2000s, this has been marketing the taller systems which make use of infill materials for better replicating the natural grass. The major reason is incorporating it on gaming fields and to avoid cost of maintaining and laying natural turf and also for maximising hours of its usage. At present, the Astro Turf is member of sports group and family of the sports surfacing company. it is also called as one of the iconic brand in the sports.

Impeccable philosophy

As everyone recognises the name of Astro Turf, not everyone is aware of its history. Their research and development engineers Astro Turfvet rigorously every athletic turf system before it can go to the market with the player protection as premium priority. The priority is doing so in value engineered, the approach which is cost effective and the one which considers well the player the performance. They also encourage the clients around for adding pad. The pads deliver well the shock attenuation completely predictable and consistent. But for doing it intelligently, the engineers have also collaborated with the other suppliers of industry for developing full system and that can take into account the understanding of its system components.

Sliding pad under the 1997 style rubbers and the sand filled tall system are not ideal. They are wasteful. As the Astro Turf invented it first 50 years ago, it is laser focused on the innovating system which comes closer to ideal performance of the natural grass. This also offers wide portfolio of the turf system on globe. Driven well, this also lineup and meets well the client needs along with the system that can deliver the sport specific playability, latest player protection and the long term durability. It has also worked on the philosophy of more fiber and less fill. Such an approach influences well their system design.

System techniques

The Astro Turf encourages well their clients for investing in crucial element in system called as fiber. After all, none of the client has ever had to replace artificial turf as the commodity sand & rubber infill wore out only when fiber wears out and does field need the replacement. For years, this industry has also peddled same tired system as light weight carpet, cheap system propped up tons of commodity rubber and sand infill. But no longer the client’s choices are limited, this company offers the construction which is dense and ideal for emerging trends in the pad technologies and infill.

All lab research and the manufacturing precision in world is really worthless without proper installation of field. This is the reason, they have partner with the regional firms of installation. Such distributors are termed as experts in field. They bring the industry experience, bonding, impeccable reputation, licensing, the equipment investment, coverage and more for ensuring clients get all brand promises. The partners are also exclusive to it and get the annual training for best of the practices. All are certified for installing the athletic turf field that requires the special techniques due to differentiated system design. The proper installation techniques are developed by them which includes as,

  • Astro fusion: It is a unique and differentiated seaming method which uses the self-propelled cart that delivers well the pre-metered, double action and high quality of the adhesive. It is critical in eliminating the onsite variables & improves the consistency of installation
  • Pre-fabrication: This is only available from the Astro Turf; this is one technique which enables all for delivering the field with around 90 per cent of inlaid football marks. They use dedicated and climate control facility with full time specialist of installation. They make use of floor mounted jig systems that allows all for cutting the markings in the upside down, so that the markings are crisp and clean.

At the end, you must know that they are the actual product which is also used as general term for the artificial grass and brand name for product that got developed in the year 1960 in USA.


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